The Emerald Agency Advantage

The importance of outsourcing your recruiting efforts to The Emerald Agency offers many advantages.

  • We guarantee a high and unique quality of candidate submitted to each position
  • An Employer's valuable time and money is saved to focus on other areas of business
  • Unqualified candidates are immediately eliminated saving Employer's screening efforts
  • A valuable and large candidate pool through our networks is available to all Employers
  • Highly educated and experienced Recruiters dedicated to meeting Employer's needs
  • A strong commitment to match a candidate with the right company culture

Direct Hire

Interview Process

Placing the right employee in a specific position is a complex process, which includes a careful analysis of goals, expectations, and needs of both the client and the employee. Our extensive interview process thoroughly outlines the qualifications, experiences, and objectives of our candidates. This process is taken very seriously at The Emerald Agency and handled with high standards of ethics and values and most importantly commitment to finding a match.


Computer skills are tested utilizing a specialized software program, which assesses proficiency in various computer tasks ranging from general computer skills to specific competency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. Should your organization require a specific computer skill, please let us know and we will be sure to test all candidates submitted.


Our full time placement fee is reasonable and competitive. Our fee is based on a percentage of the first year's annual salary for each candidate upon commencement of employment. Should the employment be terminated for any reason, whether voluntary or involuntary, within 90 calendar days of commencement of employment, The Emerald Agency will provide a replacement employee for the same position at no additional fee.


Our Temporary division is just as important as our Direct Hire division. When our Clients are in need of a temporary employee, the sense of urgency is taken seriously at The Emerald Agency. Finding the right person for the job is a complex process and taken with a great deal of importance and attention.

Interview Process

It is important for us to align the experiences, goals and needs of both the client and employee. We spend the same amount of time and energy interviewing potential Temporary candidates as we do with our Direct Hire Time candidates. We perform a thorough and extensive interview outlining the qualifications, experiences and objectives of our candidates. Each candidate is tested on a computer software program with the purpose of assessing their proficiency on various tasks required for the position in which they are applying. The tests administered vary from general computer skills, to competency on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Temporary Policy

It is required that our Clients correspond to and agree that it has and will comply with City, State and Federal laws regulating employment.